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A More Meaningful Way to Save

A More Meaningful Way to Save

September 27, 2021

Right now, your paycheck is most likely deposited directly into your checking account, where expenses are managed. Evidence shows that with this pattern, your expenses will always be linked to the income the account receives. Whether its housing expenses, car payments, food and clothing, subscriptions, travel and entertainment, or any unplanned life events; everything is pulling on your money. We call this Financial Gravity. And after it sets in, how much do you have left over?

Likely …very little relative to the income you produced.

When there’s anything left over, you may have a savings account to accumulate the excess. But, HOW OFTEN do you add to it? And, WHEN do you add to it? You may even find yourself tapping into your savings for various needs along the way, forcing you to start all over again to build it back up. Therefore, it could take longer to reach financial freedom.

Sound familiar? Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. The universal structure for savings is broken.

Flo income vs expenses chart

Flo is a new cash flow structure that transforms the mechanics of Financial Gravity and redefines how you think about your money. It empowers you to save — because one simple choice can make all the difference.

We start at the source of the problem by disconnecting your consumption from your income. Your Flo reservoir account, captures your income before it’s spent, giving you the choice for how to use it. “Do I spend my cash flow or put it to work for me?” The choice is yours.

Flo chart income vs expenses with FLO

With this structure in place, future increases in cash flow are captured automatically, giving you more control and giving you the opportunity to create new passive income streams that build cash-flow momentum.

You won’t do this alone, though. Your Flo Strategist will help you reach your financial potential faster and to minimize your reliance on a paycheck.

We understand that every financial choice you make can have a positive or negative impact on your future. It doesn’t matter where you are today, or what choices you have already made. With your Flo community on your side, you will have the ability to establish new choices that will kick-start you toward financial freedom.

Contact a Cambium Flo Strategist, or schedule your invitation to Flo.